first impressions of the greenewheels electric bicycle

A few weeks ago I got a green e wheels electric bicycle via Ebay Australia. There is also a greenewheels web site though right now Joe (the proprietor) hasn’t done much with the site, it’s just a placeholder.
It after seeing them for $950 I was a bit slow off the mark to purchase and at the start of July they went up to $1095.. but as they are still hundreds of dollars cheaper than any similar bicycle I could find in Australia I got one anyway.

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new blog

Well I’ve kind of got fed up with the fiddling using pybloxsom as done in the old ZOG BLOG, but I can’t be bothered trying to migrate all the stuff over so I’ve just started up a new version 2 blog here, using wordpress as the back end, which I’ve found much easier to work with.

lets get lazy and blog using wordpress