Inside the Greenewheels bike

Well, thanks to the tireless efforts of dazzassj6 from the Endless Sphere forums, who has dismantled parts of his Greenewheels bike to see what makes it tick, here are some pictures of the insides of the various components – the forum article where I got these pics from also has some excellent discussion on what would be needed to increase the speed of the greenewheels bike, and how to go about it.
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More info on the likely source of the greenewheels bike (and probably heaps of others!)

This was found after more web searching by dazzassj6 from the endless sphere forums:

Looks like the bike is sold in chine from the “Made in China” site as the Electric Aluminium Bike (RA-EB0802).

Further searching on the model number RA-EB0802 finds it appears to be of brand Zhejiang Race Motos.

It’s interesting that the other ebike products from this company seem to include bikes that resemble a lot of the ready made electric bikes available in Australia.

Inside the Greenewheels bike

Thanks to dazzassj6, a poster on the endless sphere forums, we get a look inside the greenewheels bike, interesting to see the controller and wiring in there.

Also while browsing around after examining the front disc brakes this brake,or similar seems to be the one sourced for the bike.

dazzassj6 also brought to my attention another Very Similar bike to the greenewheels but being sold in the UK (not a wisper bike though), on ebay.

electricity usage when recharging

I recently got a cheap but very handy Jaycar power usage meter. Not much to say that hasn’t already been said in this detailed Dans Data post except the price has gone down since then.

After travelling my usual 22km round trip ride to work I measured the power usage (at my current rate) to recharge the battery back to full.. complete electricity usage came to 4.1 cents – for 22km, not too shabby I think. Thats with me pedalling a fair bit, but not all the time, but a fair bit of throttle use. Measured a use a second time the following day and got 3.92 cents of power used.

riding in the wet, riding without the battery

Well I rode home while it was raining and the greenewheels bike worked just fine, eve though it was cold and wet. Although in the description it says it is fine in wet weather I was a bit nervous about the electrical connectors until I actually rode 11km in fairly rainy conditions.

Also took the bike for a spin without the battery, using it as a normal bike, it was fine. Was a bit tired at first as I took off at ebike speeds, but once I slowed down to normal speeds was jus a nice bike (with 6 speed gears) to ride around on.

wholesale source of greenewheels bike? & NEIS

While googling around for more info on the shimano 6 speed gears fitted to the bike I found this web page:

I’m guessing this supplier, or one of the similar variants are where the greenewheels bikes are sourced.

Also interesting that greenewheels got support from the Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, in my opinion making excellent use of the scheme to start a business that I hope goes well and keeps growing.

widgets and gadgets and measurements

Well I purchased a red flashy light and a headlight and a bike computer from torpedo7, the lights so I feel safe riding home at night and the computer so I can measure the speed.

So far the Ebay spiel on the bike rings true.. I measure 24 and a bit km/h on the flat with my Union 10 bike computer, up to about 29 km/h if I pedal a bit.. I could probably go faster but I am lazy and don’t want to get too sweaty.

The Bike computer is fine except for its use of cable ties to bind the computer the the handlebars.. not much room for installation errors without getting more cable ties, but then again it was a very cheap one, and otherwise seems to work just fine.

Next step to get the hang of the odometer and do a proper range test.

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