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electric bicycles and similar low impact modes of travel

Schwalbe Marathon plus tyre installed .. followed by a 44km country ride.

Well I finally got one of my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (purchased from BikePro on the bike.. starting with the front wheel as it was easier to get off. Unlike various internet comments on this tyre I found it easy to change, I don’t think I’ve changed a bike tyre since I was a kid and I had no hassle.

Only thing I put it on with the “drive” label pointing the same way, but I dont think it will matter too much. Anyway it didnt have any effect on the very hilly 44km ride out to the country and back (to a picnic) that I immediately subjected it to.

Next step is changing the rear tyre.. this is a bit more work as I have not much idea how to get the back wheel off, I’ll also have to get some cable ties as I understand the operation involves snipping the ones that hold the power lead in place.

It’s hard for me to quantify how different the Schwalbe tyre is to the kenda knobbly trye that came with the bike.. mainly as with the Schwalbe I got a pump with a pressure meter as the marathon plus tyres need to be measured with a meter rather than just by feel… turns out looks like I have been underinflating my tyres a bit anyway.

1000 km clocked up

Well I have finally (after a bit of time off the bike due to illness) clocked up 1000KM on the bike. Probably notable for not being notable.. the bike is still working fine and doing its thing, just how I want it. Might get some slick road tires -probably Schwalbe marathon plus as they evidently are the best at not getting holes in them. I notice the newer greenewheels bikes also have road tires fitted now.

new greenewheels bikes available

Just got alerted by Dazzassj6 that greenewheels have additional types of bikes for sale up on their site. Inlcuding a step-through bike, a folder (similar to the folders a few other places are selling on ebay) and a slightly different mountain bike style on with LiFeP04 batteries.
Also interesting the current range don’t appear to have disc brakes, just V brakes. As the disc brakes on the older Greenewheels were always a bit fiddly to work with this could be a plus for long term usability, though the extra stopping power of disc brakes are useful on an electric bike.

disclaimer: I don’t have any business relationship with greenewheels other than as a satisfied customer and ebike fan

Electric Bicycle Parts Suppliers in Australia – part 1

I haven’t actually used any of these vendors myself, it’s just information I have been gathering for future reference, but it’s good to see there is a range of approaches – from full service to complete DIY, and pricepoints catered for in Australia for Electric Bicycle stuff.

Australian All Electric Vehicles:
These guys have an ebay store selling assorted bits, as well as a web site.
Of interest to me as the 48v controller they sell looks like just the ticket if I ever decide to increase the power on my bike by adding an additional battery to it. Melbourne locations.

Brett / Solar BBQ:

I know two guys very happy with this guys products, DIY hub motor ebike central: Newcastle (NSW) Location.


Expensive but amazing looking bikes and kits.. the videos on the site look like a lot of fun of pushing the power limits:

I just founds this site while googling the subject, and these bikes look cool going just from the web page, but you pay extra for Li-ION batteries. – Sydney.

I know 2 owners of this kit, different approach to the hub motor style that I went for:

Also sell kits driving the chain through the gears, in a similar vein to E-lation kits, but different products – some very high wattage kits there. Sold via an ebay store that also sells assorted parts, and their own web site.

Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd
Melbourne business with a shopfront with some very nice looking bikes, who appear to offer the full level of service and support for those who don’t care to DIY. Located in Melbourne, with a web site..

Inside the Greenewheels bike

Well, thanks to the tireless efforts of dazzassj6 from the Endless Sphere forums, who has dismantled parts of his Greenewheels bike to see what makes it tick, here are some pictures of the insides of the various components – the forum article where I got these pics from also has some excellent discussion on what would be needed to increase the speed of the greenewheels bike, and how to go about it.
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More info on the likely source of the greenewheels bike (and probably heaps of others!)

This was found after more web searching by dazzassj6 from the endless sphere forums:

Looks like the bike is sold in chine from the “Made in China” site as the Electric Aluminium Bike (RA-EB0802).

Further searching on the model number RA-EB0802 finds it appears to be of brand Zhejiang Race Motos.

It’s interesting that the other ebike products from this company seem to include bikes that resemble a lot of the ready made electric bikes available in Australia.