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wisper australia

Interesting to see the pricing for the Wisper 905e as they are sold in Australia. These bikes are similar, although not the same as the greenewheels electric bike (e.g. 7 speed gears instead of 6 speed). They appear to use the same frame and motor, but a quite different control scheme, possibly as they were designed to be sold in the EU where a quite different set of laws apply to power assisted bicycles.

They even have a youtube video

first impressions of the greenewheels electric bicycle

A few weeks ago I got a green e wheels electric bicycle via Ebay Australia. There is also a greenewheels web site though right now Joe (the proprietor) hasn’t done much with the site, it’s just a placeholder.
It after seeing them for $950 I was a bit slow off the mark to purchase and at the start of July they went up to $1095.. but as they are still hundreds of dollars cheaper than any similar bicycle I could find in Australia I got one anyway.

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new blog

Well I’ve kind of got fed up with the fiddling using pybloxsom as done in the old ZOG BLOG, but I can’t be bothered trying to migrate all the stuff over so I’ve just started up a new version 2 blog here, using wordpress as the back end, which I’ve found much easier to work with.