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This is the blog of an obsessive nerd who sometimes makes techno music, and other times rides around on a bicycle or tinkers with Linux. It is a continuation of an older blog at blog.zog.net.au but using the easier to manager wordpress software.

Unfortunately I’ve had to disable comments on the most popular posts here due to a deluge of comment spam (even with anti spam systems in place).

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  1. Hello Zog,

    I’ve been reading your blog on the greenewheels hub driven bike. I’m in a quandry, wondering if I should get a hub or externally driven bike such as the eLation bike (http://www.elationebikes.com.au/). I was wondering if you had any nerdish and obsessive thoughts on the subject. If you did, I’d be eternally grateful



  2. Hub motor : simple and reliable – but no gearing.. well typically one fixed gear for the electrics. Once I hit my max speed I have to pedal to go any higher, and the electric motor contributes less and less as I go above this max speed. But thats OK.. I need the exercise.

    The elation kit gives you the advantage of driving the chain with the motor so you have gears. But it looks like a lot of work (to a lazy sod like me who got a ready-to-ride ebike) to install and then maintain.

    Someone I used to work with installed one, he blogged about it here:

    But I really don’t know that much.. for real in depth discussion check out “endless sphere” where the proprietor and various end users of the E-lation kit have discussed it’s ins and outs in depth.

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