New Electric Bike: Kona Blast stealth conversion with Bafang motor

I just purchased a new second hand electric bike from ebay – an already converted Kona Blast with a very good quality DIY conversion done:

Although I’ve been quite happy with the ready made greenewheels bike, I’ve always felt a little bit limited by the average quality bike bits – such as the 6 speed gears. And since the new battery it hasn’t had quite the get up and go that it used to have, though it is still quite usable.
So I’ve kept one eye on ebay recently for anything that fits the bill showing up.. and eventually it did.

The seller has done an excellent job with the conversion, and used all good quality parts. The bike that has been converted is apparently quite a quality unit to start with. I’ve only been on two rides so far, but has been very good.

There is some minor bike mechanic stuff to sort out – I need a front derailleur or chain guide as the front gears have been removed, which makes it fairly easy for the chain to come off.. plus mudguards and maybe a kickstand. I’ve replaced the rather hard seat it came with the suspension seat the greenewheels came with.. although a bit cheapy it is quite comfortable.

Specs from the sellers advert:
Kona Men’s large hard tail mountain bike with electric motor conversion.

The bike itself is in good condition and is approximately 6 years old. The electric conversion is only recent and all of the electric components are near new <300 km. - Shimano Deore running gear - Bafang hub motor with planetary gearbox and free-wheel bearing. - 48V 10Ah battery pack (Headway LiPoSO4 cells) - 80A programmable controller - thumb throttle - three way mode switch for variable performance - Turnigy power meter / fuel gauge. - 2 x High power fast charger (one for home and one for work..) This bike is the ultimate commuter. 35km + range on a single charge and it still rides and coasts like a normal bike. The battery is easily removable for charging / bike cleaning. Every effort has been made to make this bike a serious, quality commuting solution - unfortunately my situation has changed and it is no longer required.