opening up the greenewheels 36V 10AH battery pack

Some quick notes:
Battery contains 10 cells strapped together with blue heatsrhink plastic stuff.
Cells measure 4.2V (no load) so I’m guessing 3.7 V when loaded.
Sticker on it contains phone number from which I am able to determine the battery was sourced from here.

Info is:
Model: JX-6 JX-6
Brand: Xin power
Operating current is 6A; maximum discharge current of 15A; size of 32 × 55 × 70mm (length × width × height); weighs approximately 310 grams. May form a 7.2V/10Ah (2 series), 10.8V/10Ah (3 series), 14.4V/10Ah (4 string), 24V/10Ah (7 string), 36V/10Ah (10 strings) and other forms of power.

The dimensions mentioned also match the right dimensions from measuring one of the cells after peeling back the plastic wrapper. Still havent been able to get the whole pack of cells out as they seem to be glued in hard!

Googling around I see these cells available, which might be a very close match? the ones listed as LT-325570

Peeling back the plastic wrapping on one of the cells it just has a barcode and the numbers “070806B 325670 0115”.

Another option is to get a 36V 10AH pack from Ping. The one listed is too square, but this blog post indicates these packs work perfectly with the greenewheelsbike, and the comment indicates Ping will pack the batteries in a longer narrrower packing if requested:

I did write to Ping to see if he could make me one that would fit in the battery space better, to accomodate my narrower shimano bottom bracket. He was most helpful, and wrote back with this:

[Yes, we can make it in different size. We can make the 36v10ah pack in size of 300x105x80mm. Is it suitable?

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