battery faded, have been slack this year: time to get mobile again

Well my battery eventually faded.. first to the level where I had to charge at work.. but then to the level where I don’t have the range to get to work.. i.e. less than 11km.
This is fine as I have clocked up the amount of charges well into what the stated life of the battery is, but now I note GREENEWHEELS don’t sell anything on ebay any more – well his store doesn’t exist.

But I noticed FLEW ELECTRIC CYCLES appear to be selling the same or similar bikes as the greenewheels ones, including replacement battery packs.

I’ve tee’d up a meeting just to verify that a FLEW ELECTRIC battery pack works.. but if so this could be very good for other GREENEWHEELS owners, having a Melbourne located source of replacement battery packs, and other parts.

The folding bikes on the site look cute as well.

UPDATE checked out the battery pack thanks to the very helpful Tom of FlewElectric, but unfortunately the battery pack is a different design and dimension. Tom is checking out to see if he can source ones like mine, but in the mean time I will suss out what kind of cells are in the greenewheel battery pack.