just clocked up 5000 km on the Greenewheels bike

The bike is still going fine.
The packrack cracked and needs repair, a nut came loose on it and I didn’t notice causing uneven weight distribution.
Battery a bit more faded, but still more than enough grunt to go to work and back and can hit the rated speed without pedalling.

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  1. Just wanting to know what speeds you get on the flat with light pedalling and also into a 15 or 20 knot headwind. I’m thinking about buying a greenewheels ebike, but I need to be able to do 30kph over a distance of 30 kms. Will this bike do this, bearing in mind I weigh 95 kilos? I need to be able to do 28 to 30kph without too much effort.


  2. Light pedalling on the flat I’m at about 26-28 km/h. If I really cane it I can get above 30km/h

    into a headwind probably only 22-24 km/h

    also this bike only has a 6 speed gear, I’m finding myself limited by the gears to a certain extent as I get fitter and find myself providing a larger portion of the power.

    don’t have enough knowledge of wind conditions to judge it’s speed – but it does help in headwinds!

    You’ll be working pretty hard to keep yourself @ 30km/h consistantly over 30kms, and you’ll have to charge before riding back. My route varies considerably in slope so it’s hard for me to say what my average speed is.. but then the electric is a massive help on the uphill sections.

  3. Zog, that is great that the greenewheels is still going strong! My pack rack had a similar problem, cheap for a new one anyway. I have similar top/cruising speed 28Kph with moderate pedaling. My newer bike with full gears and an eLation kit can cruise at higher speeds on the flat 30-32 Kph, but I need to work through the gears a lot more on hills etc.

  4. Thanks for that Zog. I’ve done some further research and I think I will be best served with an electric kit placed on a light hybrid with high pressure 700c wheels. I know someone with this setup and he averages 28-32kph without too much trouble over a similar distance. These kits don’t come cheap though – about $1800, which is more than I can afford.

  5. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my Greenewheels bike.
    However my battery now does not get me up my hill to home after only a 7km ride.
    Used to be able to do 25k with no probs.
    Probably less than 1000km since new.

    Has anyone replaced the batteries in the pack?

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