bottom bracket worn.. got it repaired. Battery a bit weaker but still fine

Well its now well over a year of riding the greenewheels bike and still going well.

I did have to get the bottom bracket fixed, it had started getting very loose, though this is evidently quite normal “consumable” in any bike getting a lot of use. The bike shop didn’t have a replacement part as the greenewheels parts are wider due to the electric stuff (not quite standard size), but they have managed to repair what is there so it is fine. Next time I’ll sort out sourcing the part, there are enough ebike shops that it should be available somewhere.

Took the bike to Dandenong Bicycle Superstore who did a good job, and sorted a lot of bike maintenance/ tuning type issues that I’ve had a fiddle at but never got quite right, like the spoke tensioning and stuff like that. And my rear brakes, which needed attention. The general service on the bike from these guys well worth it.

Also I suspect the range on a full charge is down to about 33KM from the 44KM range it had when new, this is the expected wear on the battery, but I’m guessing I still have another year of use from the battery before it needs replacement. This matches the stated expected battery life so all OK there, especially as I can still get to work and back on a charge with some range left over.

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  1. the lifepo4 batts are getting cheaper and cheaper and so are the motors due to our better exchange rates!

    Im no longer using that battery that came with my ewheels anymore since it got burnt, and theres an empty space where the battery was at. The thing is since you ride it to work and all, you wouldnt want to mount a battery that doesnt have a lock like ur current one. It will be a hard choice to make. Are u gonna get the same new batt? or a completely different one?

    Hey so it turns out that you did make back the money on ur bike by riding instead of paying for petrol after all =)

  2. I might just buy a replacement battery pack from greenewheels when it finally gets too weak to use, or even have a shot at finding cells the same size as the ones in the battery pack so I can repack it – good to hear the batteries are getting cheaper though!

    My work has 2 locked, undercover bike areas so I’m not too worries about bike security for my regular commute but the lockable battery has been handy leaving the bike locked in the city and taking the battery inside with me a few times.

  3. I have the next model on greenewheels on from your and have not had quite as good a run. Motor sensor wiring burnt out and i needed to source a new motor. V brake pads wore out very quickly but were cheap enough to replace. Also my battery has died after about 10 months and 1500ks traveled. I’m not complaining I still think it is a good unit and I’m hooked on ebike and now building another, just need to be aware that things can go wrong. My area is hilly and I’ve had heavy loads on my bike at times too. I’m currently looking into getting Ping to make up replacement cells to repack the battery case. That is great to hear that you are looking at up to 2 years out of your battery but mine went from being Ok to not being OK pretty quickly (within a couple of weeks). So be ready to organize a replacement when it starts cutting out on you!

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  5. Mark: yeah a pity about the bike wearing out earlier than expected – don’t know if that was luck of the draw or what, one of the downsides of the cheaper ebay bikes is the short warranties though.

    Will Johnson: you link to which seems to be the same as which also sells on ebay as ? Anyway I’ll shunt some google juice your way though you could try a bit more than pasting the same article you’ve been pasting in all over the rest of the internet (i.e. google for “Electric bicycle is finding a lot of acceptability across the whole world “).

  6. I have a problem with my greenewheels bike. I need a new battery but dont know where to get one. Can you help?

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