well over 2000km now… and all is well.

Well I’m up to about 2200km on the bike now and it’s functioning just fine, including riding it in some pretty extreme (very hot) weather.
I installed the pack rack and cable tied the basket to it which has made it a much more practical shopping and luggage carrying machine as well.

4 thoughts on “well over 2000km now… and all is well.”

  1. argh………… reading your updates makes me jealous. I shouldve picked your choice and stayed stock!!!!

    You know how i told you i got a new motor, well another problem occured this time. This time i think my stock battery is blown. It burnt on the inside from accidentally WOT from my driveway.

    i only done 410km!

  2. ouch!
    well at least you know heaps about ebike tech and cycles now.. I’m still a total noob.

    Plus as I got this bike to get to work every day want to keep it on the road.. and my wife still isnt too impressed about me buying extra bits for it (as I told her how it would save money!).

    Still.. when it clocks up to a year of riding it I might make a few minor electrical improvements to it.

  3. Well I’m up to about 2500 km on the bike.. and it is costing me about $60 to fill up in the car, which takes me about 500KM.. so with VERY back of the envelope calculations thats $300 so far.. so I’m only about 1/3 of the way to making the cost of the bike back…

    But there are also costs like car rego, servicing, insurance, etc.. which I have to wear while I keep a car on the road no matter how many Ks I do.


    riding the bike to work and back is a lot less stressful than driving, its relaxing and fun, and I have lost quite a few kilos from it.. so a whole pile of other factors there as well.

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