full range test done at last

Well it was a sunny day, with quite full on wind but I managed to do a range test at last.
Rode along portions of the Eastlink bike trail:

greenewheels on eastlink path

and the Dandenong creek bike trail to the sea at Carrum:


The the last few kilometres I think I had reduced power though it was hard to tell with the headwinds I was pedalling into, but at pretty much exactly 50 km the battery flattened to the level there was no power to the wheel. So even riding in quite demanding conditions (sometimes the winds were really buffeting the bike so I had to work hard to stay balanced), it met the advertised range.

Interestingly a full recharge of the battery only used 6.44 cents of electricity (i.e. 0.3 kwH).. all in all very happy with the range.

10 thoughts on “full range test done at last”

  1. I’m waiting for Joe to list the bike on ebay again but it looks like he is in no rush!
    the Green e-wheels bike is so similiar to the wisper its not funny but alot cheaper.

    All the bike shops in perth are negative about e-bikes and won’t stock them. they all try to talk me out of buying one, but the green e-wheels is exactly what I’m looking for if I can get one!

  2. Yeah annoying about that, quite a few Melbourne bike shops do sell them which is cool, though I took a punt on the ebay option and so far very happy with it.
    Maybe greenewheels will be selling soon, you could also email him and ask I guess?

  3. i’m very happy with my green ewheel haha i just overvolted it to 60volts! its so so fast.

    anyways yeh it is the cheapest good quality ebike i have found aswell. It looks like the wisper because the guy that designed green ewheel help designed wisper but quit and made his own bike at a cheaper price.

  4. Joe listed them again this weekend, bought one today. ouch freight to perth hurt but then I can’t buy a bike this in perth, mainly little folding bikes for old people

  5. i have just purchased one in melb……pick it up on the 14th oct…….i have been reading the wisper site about derestricting the 25kmh…..it looks like there should be an adjustable resistor to bring it up to 32 kmh……………anyone else interested in trying this

  6. hey zog! greenewheels has a whole bunch of new bikes. As well as our one, new and improved with 13ah battery with a front light

  7. New Wispers are here now, the 2010 versions. Nothing like the 2008 stuff. You can see them on our website. We’re working on a couple shops in perth to stock the ebikes.

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