Electric Bicycle Parts Suppliers in Australia – part 1

I haven’t actually used any of these vendors myself, it’s just information I have been gathering for future reference, but it’s good to see there is a range of approaches – from full service to complete DIY, and pricepoints catered for in Australia for Electric Bicycle stuff.

Australian All Electric Vehicles:
These guys have an ebay store selling assorted bits, as well as a web site.
Of interest to me as the 48v controller they sell looks like just the ticket if I ever decide to increase the power on my bike by adding an additional battery to it. Melbourne locations.

Brett / Solar BBQ:

I know two guys very happy with this guys products, DIY hub motor ebike central: http://www.users.bigpond.com/solarbbq/bikesale/bsale.htm. Newcastle (NSW) Location.


Expensive but amazing looking bikes and kits.. the videos on the site look like a lot of fun of pushing the power limits:

I just founds this site while googling the subject, and these bikes look cool going just from the web page, but you pay extra for Li-ION batteries. http://www.zbike.com.au/ – Sydney.

I know 2 owners of this kit, different approach to the hub motor style that I went for: http://www.elationebikes.com.au/

Also sell kits driving the chain through the gears, in a similar vein to E-lation kits, but different products – some very high wattage kits there. Sold via an ebay store that also sells assorted parts, and their own web site.

Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd
Melbourne business with a shopfront with some very nice looking bikes, who appear to offer the full level of service and support for those who don’t care to DIY. Located in Melbourne, with a web site..

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  1. Stay away from the Electric bicycle company, they say they are the best, they say they have quality products, but in reality they are no different from the cheap chinese imports. 18 months and $750 to repair a bike, could have bought cheap chinese bike for $750.

  2. June 2010
    I’m searching all over to find a small geared DC motor of the MY1018 model range.
    250 Watts and 24 Volts.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions? I live in Perth and there is nothing here. Sydney has some but they don’t seem to like replying to emails enquiring…
    Please write if you have any tips.
    and thanks for any help.

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