first impressions of the greenewheels electric bicycle

A few weeks ago I got a green e wheels electric bicycle via Ebay Australia. There is also a greenewheels web site though right now Joe (the proprietor) hasn’t done much with the site, it’s just a placeholder.
It after seeing them for $950 I was a bit slow off the mark to purchase and at the start of July they went up to $1095.. but as they are still hundreds of dollars cheaper than any similar bicycle I could find in Australia I got one anyway.

I initially asked Joe to see if I could take a look at the bikes before I got one in email, but he was too busy (he must be selling heaps through ebay I guess?) – but after being sold on the electric bicycle concept after riding a workmates electric bicycle I wanted to get one. I ended up messaging a few greenewheels customers via ebay and bicycle forums and got positive all positive responses from those who have had one for a while. So I got one.. delivered to my old place as it was within 20km of the Melbourne CBD so got the bike delivered in assembled form, with some helpful instruction and demonstration from Joe, the greenewheels guy. A post on the electric bike forums mention the similarity of the greenewheels bike to a Wisper Works 905 bike, and yes the frame and battery look pretty much the same. The bikeforums post speculates the greenewheels bike is a copy though I think they are just sourcing the same basic frame and battery design from China but fitting the bike with different sets of fittings.

One wierd thing is the DC power connection uses an IEC style (mains AC) socket as the connector from the battery to the motor. As Joe from greenewheels says be aware that this is not for mains electricity and dont plug the charger mains cable directly in there. Another electric bike I saw had this connector as well, so maybe its common, though a potential source of errors.

Another oddity (nothing that has bothered me though) is the plastic handle for the battery. Joe mentioned to be careful using the plastic handle to remove the battery from the bike, so I was.. then I lifted it by the handle to move the battery, and it promptly snapped off. So the battery handle is not particularly useful, though without it I have not had any hassles removing or carrying the battery anyway.

The range as mentioned in the documentation is about 50km, I have ridden it about 30km before the 3 LED battery indicator goes from H to M, and thats hammering on the throttle a fair bit (which the docs mention to avoid to lengthen battery range).Riding it is good fun, the pedal assist kicks in smoothly and usefully as you pedal and work through the gears, and the throttle is handy for accelerating away when you feel a bit tired. The motor is rated at 200W, the maximum legal limit for Victoria, and gives more than enough get up and go to help you up hills and accellerate from rest. The faster you go the less you feel the motor, pedalling fast at top gear it seems to be only adding a little bit of juice, but then I’m at about my comfortable maximum speed on a bicycle then anyway.
The bike came with a bunch of accessories, some a bit cheap (I’ve already broken the headlight), but the toolkit and water bottle are handy and I’m sure the luggage rack and basket will be handy when I get around to fitting it. Bicycle heads I’ve spoken to say the quality and fittings are quite reasonable.. personally I’ve only ridden cheapish entry level or clunker bikes before so it’s the best quality pushbike I’ve ever ridden.

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  1. Great review….just wondering, in the USA the bike is branded a Kysmo (not Wisper and is manufactured in China), which is no longer in business in NYC as of 10-2009 (the only support for this bike is in the UK or NZ). Any ideas where to buy a 36v battery for this model in the USA or will I have to implant/devise a PO4 (either in the battery box or atop the rear rack)?

  2. Sorry I don’t know where you would get one in the US.
    opening up the battery pack and replacing the cells might be an option, I don’t think that would be too hard.
    Check out the endless sphere forums, there may be some US based ebike people who know where the pack can be sourced.

    Also greenewheels (Melbourne) sell on ebay, but a battery pack is heavy so postage charges could be $$$$$

  3. I already checked with greenewheels and he does not ship internationally. I’ll run a few posts on endless sphere for input or probably just attempt to replace the cells. Thanks again.

  4. Kysmo is so in business. I bought a bike from them today, they moved from Orchard St. to Ludlow St.

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