wordpress comment spam has become insane.. fail2ban to the rescue

This informative blog post shows how to configure the fail2ban software to prevent the idiotic comment spam from causing high load on the server. Of course the excellent Kismet plugin stops the vast majority of it from appearing, but even the constant POST attempts to pump spam into the server was causing high load.
One minor tweak is in the case of this blog I had to change:
failregex = ^ -.*POST /wordpress/wp-comments-post.php
failregex = ^ -.*POST /wp-comments-post.php
to match the URL location on this site, but otherwise now its blocking repeat comment posters, and the MySQL load is dropping.

replacement battery back for greenewheels bike found

I just quickly dropped in the 36V 9AH LiFePO4 battery pack I got from Value E Bikes and was pleasantly suprised it was a close, though not perfect fit.

value E bikes batter on greenEwheels bike

It did fit well enough that I felt confident going for a short test ride, and all was good.
For a longer ride I’ll fir it more snugly with some rubber matting and ratchet straps, but the fit is quite close. The “rail” the battery has to slide into place is quite differently sized from the greenewheels rail however.

vale E bikes battery pack on greenEwheels bike

Next step, range tests, after a visit to the $2 shop for mounting hardware.

I did have to remove one of the cable holders as the battery is taller, so that the DC out lead would fit.

update 1 week later
We’ll I’ve clocked up 80k in a few rides to work and the battery is working great so far. I would have ridden more except its been rainy. Havn’t done a full range test but no apparent loss of power after 22km, so looking good.

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